Draft-Powered Farming

Little Flower Farm is comitted to a truly sustainable agriculture. In the interests of local and global ecology, we are making efforts to transition to a draft-powered CSA farm.  Our goal is to collect used horse-drawn farm implements and put them back to work cultivating veggies, and haying in our fields.

Draft-Powered farming means:
*smaller footprint (no fossil fuels)
*more farm-generated fertility
*human-paced agriculture
*less soil compaction
*hay rides!

We are seeking donations of any and all antique farming implements. If you or anyone you know wants to turn their lawn ornaments into working tools let us know! We are looking for:

ground driven manure spreader
Phase I of our Draft-Powered project is single horse cultivation of our CSA vegetable acreage.
Phase II is horse-powered haying and grain harvesting

Help us invest in the future by means of the tools of our agricultural past!

Excellent Article on Horse Powered Farming published in ORION magazine:

"That first image of plowing...a sweet and vital contradiction. Never felt the call to pay any attention to views of tractors tearing and flipping the earth. Instead yearning for that picture...a gentle vista of two or three horses, a walking plow and a man moving with poetic purpose along the edge of a land of perfect steaming crumbling earth. And the contradiction came in the unlikely, yet balanced combination of powerful careful animals wed to an oddly shaped tuning fork of a tool"
            Lynn Miller, founder and editor of THE SMALL FARMER'S JOURNAL
DECEMBER 6th 2011 Update!
Welcome Maj and Marta! Our First team of Norwegian Fjord Horses here at Little Flower Farm! We will be working them on the stone sled this Winter to get in shape for Spring plowing and cultivating!
Fjord horses are known for their agility, gentle temperments...and fondness for constant snacking.
This past December 6th, we lost our fjord Maj. We are grateful for the time we had with her. She helped us get off to a great start in draft-powered veggie growing and hay-making and logging.
We are looking into options for single-horse cultivation for the veggie garden this summer.